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EIS EDUCATION offers INTERNATIONAL TEFL TESOL COURSE. It also is a recipient of the

American Council of Training and Development (ACTD) accreditation;

an independent organization which evaluates training provider institutions based in NJ, USA.

In addition, the institution is also an affiliate of Global Testing and Training (GTT) DE, USA;

an independent group which evaluates institutions that offer languages.

Mission Vision & Values

Mission: To offer locally created training programs with excellence, integrity and service which are comparable to its foreign competitors.

Vision: To be one of the leading internationally recognized TEFL TESOL training company in the Philippines; by Filipinos for Filipinos

Core Values: Excellence, Integrity, Service

Community: We believe that we should all live in a society that is concern with the welfare of other people and not just for its own self-serving desires.

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EIS EDUCATION values highly quality training and program delivery. We continue to seek validation from our external moderators, course reviews from peers and independent language expert auditors.

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