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This IELTS training is intended for students or young professionals who are not yet ready to take the actual test soon. This allows the trainee to have extensive exam preparation in four skills; listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The training period is up to 5 months.


The trainee will have one dedicated trainer all through out the training period.


  • 1 Pre-Test

    8 Input Sessions

    2 Sets of Quizzes

    15 Sets of Mock Tests


    Duration: 3-5 months

    Time: flexible or upon the request of the trainee

    Day: 7 days a week


    Main Evaluation:

    The trainee must provide 5 consecutive passing scores in all skills.

  • 100% Refund maybe given to the trainee who will withdraw prior to the start of the course. The trainee has not attended the orientation and accessed or opened the LMS. Also, when the trainee can not fullfil his/her duty as a trainee or the teacher due to serious health reasons. This must be supported by medical reports.


    50% Refund maybe given to the trainee who has accessed the material partially and decides not to continue due to health reasons subject for approval and medical reports.


    No Refund shall be granted if the reason is not health related, subject for approval. Otherwise, the trainee maybe be given the option to defer the start of the course until he/she is able to do.

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