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This General English / Pre-IELTS Course has 26 Video Lessons accompanied with Study Notes and Activity Sheets.This is intended for students who are currently B1 level.


  • 26 Video Lessons

    26 Study Notes

    26 Activity Sheets

    Entry Requirement: B1

  • 100% Refund maybe given to the trainee who will withdraw prior to the start of the course. The trainee has not accessed or opened the LMS. Also, when the trainee can not fullfil his/her duty as a trainee and teacher in the future due to serious health reasons. This must be supported by medical reports.


    50% Refund maybe given to the trainee who has accessed the material partially and decides not to continue due to health reasons subject for approval and medical reports.


    No Refund shall be granted if the reason is not health related, subject for approval. Otherwise, the trainee maybe be given the option to defer the start of the course until he/she is able to do.

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