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Nice Nurse

Entry Requirements:

Anyone who is interested to join in this program must already have basic English knowledge and skills. The minimum base score must be 5.5 in IELTS or C in OET.

Access to printer and computer or any device with internet.

This OET training is intended for nurses who are almost ready to take the actual test. This allows the trainee to have extensive exam preparation in four skills; listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The training focuses on test taking strategies and language enhancement. The program is delivered online with one-to-one trainer coaching and feedbacking via zoom while the submission of output is through LMS.

1 Pre-Test
8 Input Sessions
2 Sets of Quizzes
15 Sets of Mock Tests

Time: flexible or upon the request of the trainee

Duration: 3-5 months

Day: 7 days a week

Main Evaluation:

The trainee must provide 5 consecutive passing scores in all skills.

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